About was created in the last few days of 2013 to allow people to shorten URLs. Yes, there's other things around that do this, like, but for some reason it just wasn't...interesting...enough. After a search of domains, was chosen because:

  1. Skunk's smell
  2. Long URLs really stink
  3. (dot)IM because a short URL is good for Instant Messaging
  4. I wanted something funny, easy to remember, and easy to say

That last option really hit it. Have you ever tried to tell someone something over the phone and the conversation turns in to a round and round conversation just to make sure the other person has the right letters? At least if you tell someone "Hey, go to" you can include " know, skunk, that black and white smelly animal that sprays people."

In its infancy, was setup and used inside a private web folder that only a small group of friends had access to. It was decided to go public so more people could back in the stinky-ness of the skunk.