Browser Tools and Bookmarks

To use the bookmarklets drag them to your bookmark bar or simply right click on them and select the appropriate option.

Please note, that these options may be browser specific and may not work for everyone.

Simple Shorten

Add this to your bookmarks, and the next time you're on a web-page, simply click this bookmark and a new window will appear, allowing you to convert the URL of the page you were visiting into something short and 'skunky'.

Instant Shorten

This option opens a pop-up window with your instantly-made skunk short URL. You do not have the option to set a custom name.

Custom Shorten

This option will open a pop-up window that asks you for a custom name. If that name is available, you'll get a short URL with that custom name. The results will open in a new tab so that you can see the details of your new short URL.

Instant Custom Shorten

Same as above, but instead of opening the stats and options in a new tab, they're loaded in the same window.